Order Master and Restricted Keys

MASTER KEYING – What is it?

A master keying system is somewhat like a tree – it has different 'levels' of keys able operate the same locks & offers control of who can access which locks – with a Master Key at the top of the tree which has access to all. There is generally nothing special about the profile of the key & the keys can be duplicated at any key cutter.


A restricted keying system consists of locks & keys which are on a restricted profile. A restricted system offers the same 'tree system' as a master keying system but has added security features. These profiles are protected by patent are stamped 'Do Not Duplicate' & copies can only be cut by the locksmith that created the system. This gives you security & control over who has copies of your keys & how many are given out. Having a restricted system will require having one or more authorised signatories to order keys & will require production of identification & signature of our register upon collection.


Restricted keys will only be made to systems that YOU have control over. If you are not the signatory for a key that you have ordered Eddie Williams Locksmiths may call to advise that you cannot order that key. If there are any problems with the order Eddie Williams Locksmiths will contact the signatory on our records to request further information.

Restricted keys will ONLY be cut upon receipt of a written request from the signatory.

The person you request to pick up your order will be required to sign our key register & produce identification.

Eddie Williams Locksmiths has a 24 hour turnaround time for restricted keys. Should you require your order urgently please send us your written request then call our office on (07) 40417957 to discuss your needs.

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This form can be filled in online & automatically sent directly to Eddie Williams Locksmiths


Printed & faxed to (07) 4041 3250


Email us direct at restrictedsystems@eddiewilliamslocksmiths.com.au

If you feel you could benefit from either a Master Keying or Restricted Keying System & would like further information give us a call & one our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions.